Welcome to Mr. D's Bar & Grill

Breakfast at Mr. D's
Saturday and Sunday's 10am-1pm...Do it!

Daily Specials:
Monday 3pm-10pm All Appetizers 1/2 Price

Tuesday 3pm-10pm Three hard shell tacos for $1.99

Wednesday 3pm-10pm Basket of 6 wings $3.95

Thursday 3pm-10pm 1/2 lb Hamburger w/fries only $4.99

Friday Fish Fry 11am-10pm Hand battered Pollock w/fries & slaw $9.95

Saturday 11am-10pm 6 oz Sirloin w/fries $7.95

Beverage purchase is required on all specials. Dine in only.

Sonja D.

Mr. D’s has brought many old friends together and kept them at the bar with a tab that doesn’t exceed the pocketbook. ┬áLive music, cheap (and strong) drinks, lots of recognizable faces, and in the heart of West Duluth… Mr Ds really is the spot to go.

Matt D.

Wow- its hoppin! West Duluth’s best large sports bar. Packed with 20-30-somethings enjoying a live 80s cover band and the best prices around. Just finished an $11.25 pitcher of Stella. That alone is worth the drive from mpls.

Jennifer M.

I love Mr. D’s. I am partial to bars that are not pretentious and that know how to mix a strong drink– and Mr. D’s is both of these.

Alex A.

I love this bar! I was there just this weekend and I had a blast! The bartending was very fun, if you chat with them for a bit. They are faster at serving than any bar I’ve been to in Duluth, I got served within at least 5 minutes (most bars take at least 8-15 […]

Jeff H.

Nice bar. Good location. Good food. Good bands. Good prices. Pool tables. A great partner with the community in that they FREQUENTLY provide their facility for benefits and fundraisers!