Welcome to Mr. D's Bar & Grill

Breakfast at Mr. D's
Saturday and Sunday's 10am-1pm...Do it!

Daily Specials:
Monday 3pm-10pm All Appetizers 1/2 Price

Tuesday 3pm-10pm Three hard shell tacos for $1.99

Wednesday 3pm-10pm Basket of 6 wings $3.95

Thursday 3pm-10pm 1/2 lb Hamburger w/fries only $4.99

Friday Fish Fry 11am-10pm Hand battered Pollock w/fries & slaw $9.95

Saturday 11am-10pm 6 oz Sirloin w/fries $7.95

Beverage purchase is required on all specials. Dine in only.

Sonja D.

Mr. D’s has brought many old friends together and kept them at the bar with a tab that doesn’t exceed the pocketbook.  Live music, cheap (and strong) drinks, lots of recognizable faces, and in the heart of West Duluth… Mr Ds really is the spot to go.

Matt D.

Wow- its hoppin! West Duluth’s best large sports bar. Packed with 20-30-somethings enjoying a live 80s cover band and the best prices around. Just finished an $11.25 pitcher of Stella. That alone is worth the drive from mpls.

Jennifer M.

I love Mr. D’s. I am partial to bars that are not pretentious and that know how to mix a strong drink– and Mr. D’s is both of these.

Alex A.

I love this bar! I was there just this weekend and I had a blast! The bartending was very fun, if you chat with them for a bit. They are faster at serving than any bar I’ve been to in Duluth, I got served within at least 5 minutes (most bars take at least 8-15 […]

Jeff H.

Nice bar. Good location. Good food. Good bands. Good prices. Pool tables. A great partner with the community in that they FREQUENTLY provide their facility for benefits and fundraisers!